PAC Pan Africa Christian University Courses offered

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PAC University is a private university which offers over 35 courses to choose from.

Find here the list of all the courses,fee structure,application procedure and intakes.PAC has four schools namely;School of Theology,Humanities and Social Sciences,Leadership,Business and Technology and the Graduate School.

PAC School of Theology Programmes

  • Certificate in Transformational Church Leadership
  • Certificate in Youth Development Program
  • Diploma in Transformational Church Leadership
  • Diploma in Youth Ministry
  • B.A in Transformational Church Leadership
  • Bachelor of Bible Translation
  • B.A in Bible and Theology
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Theology
  • M.A in Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies
  • Master of Arts in Children and Youth Ministry

PAC School of Humanities and Social Sciences Programmes

  • Certificate in Counseling
  • Certificate in Situational Chinese
  • Diploma in Counseling
  • Diploma in Communication
  • Dip. in Community Development
  • Diploma in Chinese Language
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • B.A in Counselling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  • Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy

PAC School of Leadership,Business and Technology Courses

  • Certificate in Computer Package
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship Development
  • International Computer Driving License
  • Certificate in Procurement and Supplies Management
  • KASNEB Packages(CPA,ATD and CAMS)
  • Diploma in Leadership Management
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
  • Dip. in Procurement and Supplies Management
  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology
  • Bachelor of Business Leadership(BBL)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership
  • Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Commerce(BCOM)
  • Master of Business Administration(MBA)
  • Master of Arts in Leadership
  • PhD in Organizational Leadership

PAC University Admission Requirements

Certificate Courses

KCSE Mean Grade of D+ (plus) and above or its equivalent

Diploma Courses

KCSE Mean Grade of C- (minus) and above or its equivalent

Undergraduate Courses

  • KCSE Mean Grade of C+ (plus) or its equivalent
  • Relevant Diploma from a recognized institution

Post Graduate Courses

  • Masters Qualifications: A relevant Bachelor Degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 from a recognized institution, with three years working experience.
  • Post Graduate Diploma: A first Degree in any field from a recognized University

PAC Certificate courses Fee Structure

Tuition fee-7 Units @ 5143                          36,001

Payable Once

Student ID                                                            500

Orientation                                                        2,000

Caution Fee                                                       2,000

Payable per Term

Benevolent                                                             500

ICT Fees                                                              3,000

Library Fees                                                       3,000

Examination Fees                                             1,500

Student Activity Fees                                       1,000

Total Fees                                      Ksh. 49,501.00

Diploma Courses Fee Structure

Tuition Fee 5 units @7200 per Unit              36,000

Statutory Charges Payable once

Capital Development Fee                                     4,000

Programme Accreditation Fee(CUE)                 1,000

Student  ID                                                                 500

Alumni Fee                                                                 500

Orientation Fee                                                       2,000

Caution Fee                                                              2,000

Payable per Term

Benevolent fee                                                           500

ICT fee                                                                     3,000

Library Fee                                                             3,000

Examination Fees                                                 1,500

Student Activity fee                                              1,000

Payable     Annually

Medical GPA                                                         1,000

Programme Development Fee                             600

Total Fees                                          ksh.   56,600

Undergraduate fee structure

Tuition fee 5 units @ 13230 per unit                   66,150

Statutory Charges

Payable Once

Capital Development Fee                                   4,000

Programme Accreditation Fee(CUE)               1,000

Student ID                                                                500

Alumni Fee                                                                500

Orientation Fee                                                     2,000

Caution Fee                                                            2,000

Payable per Term

Benevolent Fee                                                         500

ICT Fee                                                                   3,000

Library Fee                                                            3,000

Examination Fee                                                  1,500

Student Activity                                                   1,000

Payable Annually

Medical GPA                                                        1,000

Programme Development Fee                         1,000

Total Statutory Charges                                        21,000

 Total Fees                                         Ksh. 87,150.00

PAC Government Sponsored Students Fee Structure

Item                               Semester 1             Semester 2      Total for the Year

Tuition                         8,000                     8,0000                  16,000

Statutory charges     16,500                     11,000                    27,500

Total                       24,500                 19,000                   43,500

Other Charges

Orientation Fee(once)                 2,000

Medical Cover                               6,250

Alumni Fee(once)                            500

Graduation fee(once)                  7,000


PAC University offers accommodation at the university main campus for male at 2,500 per semester and 3,500 for female students per semester.It is not guaranteed and is on first come first serve basis.


Pan Africa Christian University
P.O Box 56875 – 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.

Call Centre: +254730955555
Main Campus: +254730955000 | +254721932050 | +254734400694
Valley Road Campus: +254717400694

Email:[email protected] or [email protected]


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