KISE Kenya Institute of Special Education Courses

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KISE is the best institution to study if you are tailoring your career and profession towards Special Needs Education.Special Needs Education is an excellent career in Kenya and well paying.

This profession requires compassionate and caring individuals so as to make a difference in the lives of others with special needs.

Find here the courses offered,course duration and minimum entry requirements,mode of delivery,application procedure and mode of course delivery.

Guidance and Counseling            Requirements  Duration

Diploma in Guidance & Counseling for Special needs    C-             3 years

KISE Hearing Impaired

CERTIFICATE COURSES                                DURATION      REQUIREMENTS

Certificate in Audiology                                             1 Year             Diploma in special needs education

Certificate in Kenya Sign Language                         3 months         K.C.S.E C-

Education of Learners with Deafblindbness           3 months        Trained Teacher

Education of Learners with Hearing Impairments  2 Years         Trained Teacher

Intellectually Different Progammes

CERTIFICATE COURSES                               DURATION          REQUIREMENTS

Education of Learners with Mental Disabilities    3 months            Trained Teacher


Diploma in Special Needs Education(Education of Learners with Mental Disabilities)

Duration:2 years      Requirements:P1 by Training

Physical and Multiple Disabilities

CERTIFICATE COURSES                                  DURATION       REQUIREMENTS

  1. Education of Learners with Cerebral Palsy    3 Months            Trained Teacher
  2. Education of Learners with Physical Disabilities  ”                   P1 by Training


Diploma in Special Needs Education(Education of Learners with Physical Disabilities)

Duration:2 Years        Requirement:P1 by Training

Psychosocially Different

CERTIFICATE COURSES               Duration    Requirements

Education of Learners with Autism    2 Years        P1 by Training


1. Diploma in Education of Learners with Autism

Duration:2 years     Requirement: P1 by Training

2. Education of Learners with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

Duration:2 Years

Requirements:P1 by training,ECCDE KNEC certificate with KCSE D+

KISE Visual Impaired

CERTIFICATE COURSES                                             DURATION    REQUIREMENTS

  • Certificate in Braille                                                  9 months      P1 by Training
  • Certificate in Low Vision(vision Support Teacher) 9 months   P1 by training
  • Education of Learners with Visual Impairments  2 Years          P1 by training


Diploma in Special Needs Education(Education of Learners with Visual Impairments)

Duration:2 Years             Requirements: P1 by training

KISE Distance Learning Programmes

CERTIFICATE COURSES                                        DURATION  REQUIREMENTS

  • Certificate in Functional and Educational Assessment      1 Year      Diploma in Special Needs
  • Certificate in Braille                                                                   2 Years     KCSE D-
  • Certificate in Kenyan Sign Language                                      1 Year       KCSE C-
  • Cert. in Special Needs Education(Inclusive Education)      2Years     KCSE D

DIPLOMA COURSES                                                                Duration       Requirements

  1. Diploma in Special Needs Education(Inclusive Education)          2 Years    P1 by training,KCSE D+
  2. Education of Learners with Emotional& Behavioral Difficulties  2Years     ” ”
  3. Education of Learners with Learning Disabilities                          2Years          ””’


  • Disability Mainstreaming
  • Autism
  • Braille
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Elementary Kenyan Sign Language

General Admission Requirements

Broadly speaking however, to be eligible for certificate courses candidates must be teachers, parents, social workers, caregivers and paramedics or other interested persons with O-level of education.

To be eligible for the Diploma Course in Special Needs Education (SNE) course, applicant may be of any age provided that he/she possesses any one of the following qualifications:

  • Holder of P1 Teacher Training Certificate by training with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience.
  • Holder of P1 Teacher Certificate through promotion by the Ministry of Education after passing through the Teacher Proficiency Course (TPC) course.
  • Holder of Certificate Course in ECDE from KNEC or Ministry of Education DICECE certificate with at least D+ in KCSE or its equivalent and at least 2 years teaching experience.

Mode of Course Delivery

KISE offers Full time programmes and Distance Learning programmes.


These programmes are held at the KISE Campus in Kasarani, Nairobi and are conducted through lectures, tutorials and visits.

Assessment of trainees is based on essays, Term Paper, written examinations, special project and Special Study Paper (SSP). Students are also exposed to practical attachments in Special Needs Education programmes country wide.

The certificate courses take three months while diploma courses take two years.


This is a training mode in which teachers and other personnel working or living with persons with special needs and disabilities are trained through distance learning. The programme offers the following course options, using the distance learning mode:

  1. Education of learners with special needs (Inclusive Education)
  2. Education of learners with Learning Disabilities
  3. Education of learners with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

The Certificate courses through Distance Learning take one year while Diploma courses take two years just like the Full Time programme.


In the second year of the diploma programme, the students are required to undertake Teaching Practice that lasts 10 weeks.

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