Nakuru Training Institute Programmes

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Nakuru Training institute is a certified TVET institute offering courses in: Information Technology,Business Studies,Accounts,Hairdressing and Beauty,Community Development and Social Work and Tailoring& Dress making.

Nakuru Training Institute School of Hairdressing and Beauty

  • Diploma in Hairdressing             kshs. 20,500
  • Diploma in Beauty                        Kshs.20,500
  • Dip. in Hair and Beauty combined     Kshs. 40,500
  • Certificate in Hairdressing
  • Certificate in Beauty
  • Cert. in Hair and Beauty

Railway Training Institute Courses and Requirements

School of Community Development and Social Work

  • Diploma in Community Development& Social Work        C-    Kshs 16,000 per semester
  • Certificate in Counseling                                                           D+                16,000
  • Certificate in Community Development& Social Work       D+                16,000

Nakuru Training Institute School of Information Technology

  • Diploma in Information Technology                   16,000 per Semester
  • Computer Certificate I                                               4,000
  • Computer Certificate II                                             6,000
  • CCNA I-IV                                                                    10,000
  • Computerized Accounts                                             2,000 per Unit
  • ICDL Base+2 standard modules                              15,000
  • ICDL Standard                                                              15,000
  • I.T Essentials(software& hardware)                         10,000

KIHBT Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology Courses

Nakuru Training Institute School of Business Studies

  • Diploma in Business Management Module I,II&III
  • Diploma in Sales and Marketing module I,II&III
  • Dip. in Human Resource Management module I,II&III
  • Diploma in Supplies Management module I,II&III
  • Diploma in Secretarial Studies I,II&III
  • Dip. in Banking and Finance Module I,II&III
  • Diploma in Project Management Module I,II&III
  • Certificate in Store Keeping
  • Certificate in Banking and Finance
  • Secretarial stage I,II&III
  • Certificate in Sales and Marketing
  • Certificate in Supplies Management
  • Cert. in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Project Management
  • Certificate in Business Management

School of Building and Construction

  • Carpentry& Joinery,Plumbing,Masonry grade I                        10,000
  • Plumbing,carpentry&Joinery,Masonry grade II                           9,000
  • Carpentry& Joinery,Plumbing,Masonry Grade III                       6,000

School of Catering and Hospitality

  • Certificate in Food& Beverage Sales and Services                               10,000

KCITI Courses,Requirements and Fees

School of Fashion and Design

  • Diploma in Fashion and Design                 24,000
  • Grade Test I                                                    10,000
  • Grade Test II                                                    9,000
  • Certificate in Fashion and Design
  • Grade Test III                                                  6,000 per Semester

Nakuru Training Institute School of Accounting

  • Accounting Technicians Certificate -ATC I/II        7,500 per level,800 per subject monthly
  • CPA,CPS,CSIA,CCP,CCIT part I                                7,500 per section,800 per subject monthly
  • CPS,CPA,CSIA,CCIT part II                                     9,000 per section,1,000 per subject monthly
  • CPA,CPS,CSIA,CCIT part III                                   11,000 Per section,1,200 per subject monthly

How to apply      

Visit the official institute website and fill in the application form and submit online or download the form fill and submit personally to the institute.

KITI Kenya Industrial Training Institute Courses Offered


The Manager

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Nakuru, Kenya
Phone: (020) 2316 941/2 or (020) 2313 008
Cell: +254 722 512 129 or +254 736 433 148