KCITI Courses,Requirements and Fees

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KCITI-Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute offers quality education in a christian environment and at affordable fees. Find here the courses,requirements and fees payable as well as the intakes and contacts. Also the application procedure to study at KICITI.

The courses are accredited and approved by T.V.E.T ,National Industrial Training Authority and K.N.E.C. It is a leading training institution in Technology.

KCITI School of Education Courses

      Course                              Requirement                 Fee per Term(Ksh)

  • Diploma in E.C.D.E              KCSE C+ or P1              14,000
  • Certificate in E.C.D.E           KCSE D+                        13,000
  • Proficiency in E.C.D.E         KCPE/KCSE                   12,000
  • Beginner in Eng/Ksw           Open                                 6,000
  • Intermediate in Eng/Ksw                                               6,000
  • Advance in Eng/Ksw                                                       6,000
  • Artisan in Childcare pro                                                10,000
  • HIV/AIDS Management       KCSE D+                       12,000

KCITI School of Computer Science

    Course                                               Requirement    FEE Per Term(ksh)

  • Certificate in Information Technology      KCSE              9,000
  • Diploma in ICT                                               KCSE C        14,000
  • Dip. in Information Technology                 KCSE D-       11,500
  • Certificate in IT System Support                KCSE D-       10,900
  • Advanced Diploma in IT                                                      12,000
  • Diploma in IT System Support                                           13,000
  • Advanced Diploma System Support                                  14,000
  • Diploma in Software Development                                    12,000
  • Advanced Dip. in Software Development                         14,000
  • Certificate in Using Computer                                               7,900

KCITI School of Hospitality

     Course                                                         Requirement        Fee per Term(ksh)

  • Certificate in Food& Beverage Production    KCSE D Plain        11,000
  • Diploma in Food&Beverage Production        KCSE C- Minus     14,000

KCITI School of Building and Civil Engineering

             Course                                                            Requirement      Fee per Term

  • Artisan(NVCET) in Motor Vehicle Mechanics       KCPE/KCSE        13,000
  • Craft Certificate in Automotive Technology(i&ii)  KCSE D                13,000
  • Dip. in Automotive Engineering Module(i,ii,iii)     KCSE C                10,500
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics                                                                           10,100
  • Motor Vehicle Electrician Grade i&ii                                                       11,000
  • AUTOCARD                                                                                                    4,000
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics Grade iii                                                          13,000
  • Motor Vehicle Electrician Grade iii                                                          13,000
  • Fabrication                                                                                                     12,000

School of Electrical&Electronic Engineering

               Course                                                                                           Fee per Term(ksh)

  • Technician Cert. in Applied Electrical&Electronics Engineering              11,800
  • Technicians Dip. in Electrical&Electronics Engineering                            13,600
  • Artisan Certificate in Electrical Installation                                                   11,600
  • Diploma in Electrical&Electronic Technology(power,Telecomms)          13,200
  • Electrician Wireman Grade i,ii,iii  each @                                                      11,600
  • Craft Certificate in Electrical&Electronics Technology                                12,100
  • Technician Certificate in Solar Installation Technology                              11,800
  • Technician Diploma in Solar sizing& Maintenance                                      13,000
  • Advanced Dip. in Electrical Solar Energy Installation Technology           14,600

Other fees-

Lab and Equipment fee for Diploma 700/= per month

Lab and Equipment Fee for Certificate 500/= per month

Admission requirements:

1. Colour passport size picture
2. School leaving certificate
3. KCSE result slip
4. Application fee Ksh. 500/=


Cell:  0728607779


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