NITA Training Centres and Courses offered in Kenya

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NITA which stands for the National Industrial Training Authority which facilitates quality and efficient industrial training in Kenya. It ensures an adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in the industry.

The Authority has five industrial training centres spread across the country.The Authority is headquartered in Nairobi but has Industrial Training Centres [ITCs] at Kisumu, Mombasa, Athi River.

Other two centres stationed at our headquarters the Kenya Textile Training Institute and National Industrial and Vocational Training Centre].

NITA Nairobi Courses

It is situated at the NITA headquarters on Commercial street Industrial Area, Nairobi. The Centre offers training in the following engineering trades at craft level: Building, Mechanical Electrical and Automotive.


Craft Proficiency Courses are offered in three levels-Preliminary,Intermediate and Final

  1. Masonry
  2. Carpentry and Joinery
  3. Plumber,pipe fitter
  4. Fitter General
  5. Welding and Fabrication
  6. Machinist(Turning and Milling)

K.C.S.E Mean Grade D-(Minus) or equivalent, Duration is 5 Terms

ii)Craft Proficiency Courses in Automotive Engineering Section

  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics         K.C.S.E D-(minus)
  • Motor Vehicle Electrician         K.C.S.E D-(Minus)

iii)Craft Proficiency Courses in Electrical Engineering Section

  • Electrical Installation               K.C.S.E D-(minus)
  • Electronic Mechanics               K.C.S.E D-(minus)

iv)Artisan Courses in Building Engineering Section

  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Plumbing/pipe fitter

v)Artisan Courses in Automotive Engineering Section

  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Motor Vehicle Electrician and Electronics
  • Panel Beating and Spray Painting

vi)Artisan Courses in Mechanical Engineering Section

  • Fitter General
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Machinist (Lathe, Milling, Shaping)

vii)Artisan Courses in Electrical Engineering Section

  • Electrical Installation
  • Electronics Mechanics

Industrial Artisan Courses offered in 3 Levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.They are specific for primary school or secondary graduates who did not qualify for further studies and have a desire to start a career in hands on – Industrial and Vocational training.

Other Courses

  • Polishing and shoe making
  • Block making
  • Painting & decoration
  • Public relations
  • Front office management
  • Project Management
  • Solar Technology
  • ICT
  • Hair dressing
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Food Technology
  • Records and archives
  • Sign writing

Industrial Training Centres

Industrial Training Centres (ITC’s) offers training in the following engineering trades at craft level: building, mechanical, electrical, electronics plant and automotive, refrigeration and air conditioning, boiler maintenance, refrigeration and air conditioning.

NITA Fees Structure

This is the statutory fees required upon admission for NITA
courses ( Annual fees)
ITEM                          KENYAN SHILLINGS
Tuition fees                          18,500
Registration fees                      500
Caution money                      1,000
Student ID                                 300
Application fees                        500
Accommodation fees         25,000
Total fees                          45,800

This fees is subject to change and is not permanent,therefore it is good to clarify with the authority.

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