Hardest Courses to Study in Kenya

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There are those courses that prove to be a hard nut to crack while studying in Kenya. These courses require commitments,focus and determination in order to achieve success.

Such courses also require one to have passion in that area of study. There are many instances that a student may take longer years than recommended in university. This because the course work is too difficult for them.

It is,therefore, recommended that when choosing a course be sure you are equal to the task. And not just for the sake of graduation papers.

So, here is a list of some courses considered to be hardest to pursue in University;

Medicine and Surgery

This course takes six full years of study to complete. It require sacrifice,determination, focus and concentration. Those who qualify to enroll for this course should have attained a minimum of A- of 78 points in K.C.S.E.

Doctors are very important in every nation and the training is aimed at producing the best and competent doctors. For one to be registered as a doctor they must pass the relevant examination failure to which you will not be a qualified practitioner.

The following universities offer this course; UoN,Moi,Jkuat, Maseno university, Kenyatta university,MKU, Mt Kenya and Egerton University.

Actuarial Science

This is a field of study that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risks in Banking,finance insurance and other professions.

It requires some strong mathematicians to model matters of uncertainty. It deals with the management of risks.

The minimum entry requirement is a K.S.S.E Mean Grade B+ with a B+ in Mathematics.

The following universities offer this course;

Moi university, Maseno, JKUAT, Egerton, Kenyatta, UoN, MKU, Catholic University of East Africa and Kabarak University.

Aeronautical Engineering

It is a branch of engineering field and one of the hardest to pursue. One should pass well in Mathematics and Physics in order to qualify for enrollment.

The job of an aeronautical engineer is to devise aircraft and propulsion systems. The syllabus is wide and requires concentration, thoroughness and hard work.


This course deals with study of how societies,businesses,governments,households allocate their scarce resources. It requires vast understanding of mathematics,economics and statistics. It takes four years of study and has many sub-divisions.

Computer Science

The field of technology is changing the world in general since the invention of computers to mobile handsets. This course focuses on the ways in which computer hardware and software are constructed and purpose of each major computing systems.

A pass in Mathematics and Physics is essential for this course.

Financial Engineering

This course produces technical financial expertise to solve problems in the financial industry. It is an integrated course that enables students to solve financial risks holistically. It involves methods of engineering, financial theory and tools of mathematics.


Becoming a certified lawyer is no easy job as you may think. It requires four years of bachelor degree study and another two years of study at Kenya  School of Law. To enroll at KSL you have to pass your degree exams and entry requirements.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

If you are fascinated by energy and electronic gadgets and good in Mathematics and Physics, this is your course.

This course will equip students with the technical knowledge needed to design,asses and improve electrical and electronic systems. It takes four years of study at bachelors level.

Mechatronics Engineering

This is a combination of mechanical,electrical and electronics engineering. As you can tell it seems a hard course even at the mention of the name only.

There is no single product that is purely mechanical or electrical or electronic. They are related, therefore, the need for specialists with knowledge across the sectors is essential.

Certainly there is no course you can not handle, intelligence levels vary and if you enroll of any course have a positive mindset and things will go smoothly.


Disclaimer: This information is from a personal point of view

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