Nursing Course Requirements and Qualifications in Detail

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Nursing/Midwifery Programme Course is a profession that is really admired by many. Nursing Students who meet the requirements and qualifications can study this course in different levels which include; Certificate,Diploma and Degree in Kenya. The best thing is that you can work anywhere in the world, it is a standard course and training is standardized.

In this section we are going to look at the important qualities of a good nurse,minimum entry requirements and many other details.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Egerton University

Important Qualities of a Nurse

1.Compassion-this is the ability to feel another persons suffering and having the desire to help. For instance a patient in pain should be attended to medically.

2.Empathy-Being able to feel what pain the patient is experiencing,putting yourself in your patient’s shoes.

3.Attention to detail-Nursing is a field where attention is to be paid to every small detail the patient patient is saying.When a simple mistake can spell tragedy, attention to detail can literally be the difference between life and death.

4.Responsiveness-A good nurse should be ready to respond quickly to emergencies and be always prepared for the unexpected.

5.Communication SkillsA great nurse has excellent communication skills, especially when it comes to speaking and listening. Based on team and patient feedback, they are able to problem-solve and effectively  communicate the outcomes. Being calm and Soft-spoken is key.

6.Respect– Respect is a virtue that is relevant in all professions. Respecting the hospital rules and confidentiality of the patients is paramount.

7.Emotional Stability-Working in a stressful environment with dealing with many people’s needs requires emotional stability. Or else you can loose it on patients and course havoc.

8.Patience– There are patients who are slow at answering questions,it is therefore, good to be patient with them. There are organizational pressures to go along with customer service aspects of nursing. Patience helps with every part of the profession.

9.Professionalism-Nurses need to exhibit professionalism when communicating with patients, administering medication and maintaining patient records. By focusing on the patient and taking any opportunity to build a relationship, nurses can provide a high level of care and overcome any potential barriers.

10. Humor-Having sense of humor during difficult times can be challenging. Putting a smile on the faces of the patients and yours is the key. It is perfectly okay to mix the elements of fun and humor into your work to be able to enjoy it better.

Nairobi Hospital School of Nursing Courses Offered and Application Form

Nursing Course Curriculum areas of study Include;

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Various Nursing Clinicals including Making up a patient bed, Breath sounds, Important abbreviations for charting/recording data, Heart sounds, Systems of the body, Catheters, colostomy, Tube feeding systems, Math for giving medicine and many more.

Nursing Course Admission Requirements

The following are the admission requirements to the Nursing/Midwifery profession as approved by the Nursing Council of Kenya;

Minimum Entry for Diploma Programmes (Pre-Service)

Aggregate grade : K.C.S.E Mean grade  C Plain
Mandatory Subjects:

  • Biology or Biological Sciences: C Plain
  • English or Kiswahili: C Plain
  • Grade C- in any of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, General Science, Physics with Chemistry

Minimum Entry For Diploma (IN-SERVICE)

  • Aggregate of grade D+ or Division IV in the EACE exams
  • Nursing Council of Kenya Certificate 2 years post enrollment working experience

Minimum Entry Requirements for Degree(PRE-SERVICE)

K.C.S.E aggregate of grade: C+ with:

Cluster A:

English or Kiswahili: C+
Mathematics or Physics: C+
Chemistry: C+
Biology: C+

Cluster B:

English or Kiswahili: C+
Mathematics: C+
Physical Sciences: C+
Biological Sciences: C+

Minimum Entry for Upgrade to Degree(IN-SERVICE)

  • Aggregate of grade C or Division II in the K.C.S.E exams
  • Mandatory: C in Biology or Biological Studies
  • Nursing Council of Kenya Diploma: KRN/KRCHN/KRNM/KRNMHP
  • 2 years post diploma working experience

Where to Study

Most importantly,when choosing the institution to study nursing it is advised that you look for those institutions accredited by the relevant body.

In other words, if you study in a non-accredited institutions your certificate will be considered null and void. As a result you will not be able to work anywhere since you are not approved.

Nazareth School of Nursing 2019 Intake

Nursing Average Salary in Kenya

Certainly as you can see, Nursing is a well paying job in Kenya.

Lowest Earning Nurse-Group G

Basic salary-Sh. 16,692
Agreed pay under CBA- Sh. 23,369
Maximum salary in this group as it stands now is Sh. 21,304. Under CBA it was to go up to Sh. 29,826.

Job Group K
Basic salary-Sh. 40,000

Job Group R
Basic Salary-Sh. 109,089
Agreed pay under CBA- Sh. 136,361
Maximum pay in this group goes up to SH. 181,160 from the current SH. 144,928.

Above all, numerous allowances not included in the above estimates of salaries are available.

Kmtc Fee Structure for Certificate and Diploma Courses 2019

Kmtc 2018 Intake March and September Courses Offered

Diploma in Nursing Training Colleges